Principal Investigator
Paul S. Brookes, PhD 1997, Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, England.

Senior Scientist
Sergiy M. Nadtochiy, PhD 2004, Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, Kiev Ukraine.

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Sabarna Chowdhury, PhD 2023, Visva-Bharati University, West Bengal, India.

Graduate Student
Rahiim Lake. Biochemistry Graduate Program.

Ian-Shika Dancil, BS. in Biology from RIT.

Former Members
Anya Wang. Pharm/Phys Masters Program. Subsequently: Neuroscience PhD Program at Tufts Univ. Boston.
Alexander Milliken, Pharm/Phys Graduate Program. Subsequently: Consultant with Alpha Biocom Inc.
Chaitanya Kulkarni, PhD (former post-doc’). Subsequently: Senior Scientist at Rheos Pharmaceuticals, Boston MA.
Alyssa Tavino, BA. (former lab’ technician). Currently: Physician’s Assistant School.
Mary Day, BA. (former lab’ technician). Currently: Scientific sales with Quartzy Inc.
Yves T. Wang, PhD (former post-doc’ and staff-scientist). Currently: staff-scientist with Thu Le, Nephrology, URMC.
Charles (Owen) Smith, Biochemistry Graduate Program. PhD 2019. Subsequently: post-doc’ with Roman Eliseev at URMC. Currently: Senior Scientist at Cannametrix Inc.
Jimmy Zhang, MD/PhD Program. PhD 2018. Subsequently: URMC medical school for his “other doctorate”. Currently: Fellowship, Mt. Sinai Sch. of Medicine, NYC.
Sergiy M. Nadtochiy, PhD (formerly Research Assistant Professor). Currently: Assistant Professor (tenure track), URMC Department of Neurology. Also a part-time senior scientist in the lab.
Marcin Karcz, MD, University of Rochester (Anesthesiology Resident). Subsequently: Clinical fellow, Anesthesiology, Columbia University NYC. Currently: Asst. Prof., NYU Langone.
William Urciuoli, BA 2010 Univ. Rochester, MBA 2015. Subsequently: media industry.
Emily Redman, 2008-2012, Biochemistry work study student. Subsequently: Medical school, URMC.
Andrew M. Walters, 2011-12, 2nd Year Medical Student, URMC.  Part of the Clinical Translational Science Institute’s Academic Research Track (ART) program. No follow up information.
Andrew P. Wojtovich, PhD 2010. Subsequently: post-doc’ at URMC. Currently: Assistant Professor (tenure track), URMC Department of Anesthesiology.
David L. Hoffman, PhD 2009. Subsequently: post-doc’ at URMC. Currently: Scientist at Cayman Chemical, Ann Arbor MI.
Lindsay S. Burwell, PhD 2008. Subsequently: post-doc’ at Cornell Univ. Currently: Biochemistry faculty at Wells College, Aurora NY.
Sarah Young, Lab Tech’ 2006-2007. Subsequently: Medical School, Univ. Chicago. Currently: pediatrician in private practice.
Andrew J. Tompkins, Lab Tech’ 2003-2006. Medical School, URMC. Subsequently: Medical School. Currently: Urologist at Brown Univ. Providence RI.