Spring updates (and we’re hiring)

Since last fall, some big changes around here…

  • Chaitanya Kulkarni, former post-doc’ in the lab, has moved to industry and is now with Rheos Pharmaceuticals in Boston.
  • Our former lab tech’ Alyssa Tavino also left in December to go to back to school to be a Physician’s Assistant.
  • Our long-standing NIH grant (R01-HL071158) received a 1st percentile score at November study section, and we are now in possession of a Notice-of-Award, meaning the lab is funded for the next 4 years. Yay!

So, at the moment the lab is somewhat running on a skeleton staff.  We are in need of new post-doctoral fellow (job ad is here) and a new lab’ technician (position is listed here, please search for ref #233866, as  the system won’t let me provide a direct link).  Both positions are funded by the NIH grant linked above, for those wanting a better idea of the scope of work that the positions will entail.