Update on papers & other happenings

Some papers that have been in the pipeline for quite some time are now finally in the wild

(1) Our paper showing how cardio-protection by the mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRmt) depends on the transcription factor ATF5, is now out in AJP Heart.

(2) From our long-running collaboration with Keith Nehrke, some work from his post-doc’ Yunki Im showing that the post-fertilization elimination of paternal mitochondria employs the FNDC1 mitophagy pathway. Published in Dev. Biol.

(3) From a collaboration with Paige Lawrence‘s lab, a paper in Scientific Reports on how early-life exposure to aryl-hydrocarbon receptor agonists has long-term impacts on mitochondrial function in T-Cells.

Other news –

Paige was also instrumental in the recent acquisition of a new Seahorse XFe96 analyzer for the URMC Shared Resource Laboratories. This came not a moment too soon, as our own ancient (serial # 003) XF24 machine died, and our XF96 will no longer be supported after next year.

PSBLAB grad’ student Alexander Milliken is about to do his qualifying exam in a couple of weeks, closely followed by former rotation student Jessica Ciesla (in the lab of Josh Munger).

As reported on Twitter, Alan Cash (the CEO of various corporations selling oxaloacetate as a supplement) called me up and threatened to sue over things written in this article. No letter yet.

We had a great time at the AHA BCVS meeting in Boston, catching up with old science friends and making new ones. Next travel is NHLBI mitochondria meeting in DC at the end of September, and then NIH MIM study section in DC in October.

Congratulations to our colleague George Porter, who got his R01 funded (on cyclophilin D and the PT pore in early cardiac development), and is now searching for a mitochondriac post-doctoral fellow.