Spring ’24 Update

Lots of happenings in the lab since last fall:

  • Grad’ student Rahiim Lake (Biochem Grad Program) joined in summer 2023 and is getting up to speed on his project looking at MGO modification targets in mitochondria.
  • New Post-Doc’ Sabarna Chowdhury arrived from India in January and is learning the various methods of the lab.  Sabarna is a zebrafish biologist by training, but also a bona fide mitochondriac!  She will (hopefully) be attending the CSHL course on metabolomics this summer.
  • Our paper on ROS generation by reverse electron transfer at complex I was published in Redox Biology.
  • Paul is now back on the Faculty Senate’s Research Policy Committee (RPC), which this year will be reviewing several policies including the one on research misconduct. Yummy!
  • We continue to fight misinformation and bad science, especially in the field of mitochondrial biology.  Most recently this has included calling out a truly awful study claiming that mitochondria can communicate with each other across distances of centimeters by using photons!
  • A successful Biochemistry retreat was held, in which we hosted Rita Alevriadou from University of Buffalo, who gave a fascinating talk on mitochondria inside extracellular vesicles.