Publications Update

3 New papers to add to the lab publications list, to start the year on a good note…

  • This paper in Chem Med Chem with Paul Tripper’s lab (who are now based in Omaha Nebraska) reports on a new series of diazoxide derivatives, some of which are inhibitors of mitochondrial Complex II.
  • This paper in Autophagy with Keith Nehrke’s lab reports on the interactions between the hypoxic mitophagy receptor FUNDC1, and the mitochondrial unfolded protein response (mitoUPR) regulator ATFS1.
  • This paper accepted into JCI Insight (still in press so the link goes to the BioRxiv preprint) with URMC’s Michael O’Reilly and Dave Cohen, reports on the role of fatty acid synthesis in the development of the cardiomyocytes that extend along the pulmonary trunk (yes, the pulmonary vessels have muscle cells and they handle fat just like regular cardiomyocytes do!)